Education, Qualifications, Teachers & Friends
Ronski Kosky
A Wise Leader and Motivational skilled Communicator
Ronski provides comprehensive and innovative program development for seminars, workshops, and conference presentations, and enjoys being a keynote speaker.

Thoughtful, engaging, and able to develop a warm relationships with a diverse range of people. Unique and highly creative and enjoys collaborative endeavors. He is skilled at listening and cultivating a cooperative team spirit.
Years: 1965 - 2017
Royal Roads University, Canada
MA., Leadership, 2017

International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), Israel
Healing Arts Sex Practitioner, 2017

Soul Motion School of Dance & Leadership, Washington, USA
Dance Teacher, 2014

Yandara Yoga Institute, Mexico
Yoga Teachers Training, 2012

Intimacy Training Program, Moseley Method, New Mexico
Year Long Therapist Training Intensive, 2006 - 2008

The Center for Nonviolent Communications (NVC), Canada
International Intensive Training with Marshall Rosenberg, 2004

Judith Mckinnon Professional School of Massage & Bodywork, California, USA
Massage Practitioner Certificate, 1975

University of Alberta, Canada
Courses completed MA in Physical Education, 1971

University of Oregon, USA
B. Sc., Physical Education, Specializing in Human Anatomy and Human Physiology, 1969

St. Luke's College, England
Specialist Teaching Diploma in Physical Education, 1968

University of Exeter, England
Teaching Certificate, Mathematics & English Major, 1968
Professional Courses Completed
Years: 1958 - 2023
  • Parenting,
  • Supervision of Academic School Personnel,
  • Leading School Children in the Wilderness,
  • Youth Leadership,
  • St. John First Aid,
  • C.P.R.,
  • Rolfing,
  • Acupressure,
  • Iridology,
  • Reflexology,
  • Positional Release Techniques,
  • Chair Massage,
  • Core Stability & Exercise Physiology,
  • Kinesiology,
  • Lifeguard Award of Merit,
  • British Swimming Teachers Association Coaching Certificate,
  • British Football Association Coach,
  • British Football Referees Association,
  • Home Wiring,
  • Log House Building,
  • Finishing Carpentry,
  • Photography
Career Path
Years: 1974 - 2023

Private Practice, Victoria, BC 1974 - 2020
Led 200 Seminars and workshops, taught evening classes in massage and wellness for 32 years
30,000 Individual client sessions, treatments for relaxation, injuries, and health conditions
Personal wellness programs, counseling, mentoring.


Hollyhock Educational Retreat Center 1983 - 1995
Cortes Island, BC
Provided service for the largest Healing Arts Center in Canada
Started with the company from inception, and established Bodywork and Wellness Department
Evaluated, hired, and trained seven staff members for the department
Supervised, managed, and scheduled work / Conducted regular staff meetings
Led workshops in massage, bodywork, wellness, relationships, and personal communication.


Canadian Chair Massage Association 1998-1999
Victoria, BC
· Designed a Chair Massage Training Program
· Wrote press releases and arranged for media coverage
· Taught seminars in Chair Massage to groups of up to 15 participants
· Established organization.


Eero Voutilainen Management 1990-91
Consulting Co., Helsinki, Finland
· Led communication seminars to facilitate community development in Helsinki & Central Finland
· Provided consultancy services to the largest management consulting company in Finland
· Trained executives and managers in communications skills and personal wellness
· Taught complementary health programs to Doctors and health professionals
· Initiated the formation of Men’s Groups.


Victoria Stress & Pain Medical Center 1985 - 1986
Victoria, BC
· Provided medical assessments, and wrote medical reports
· Participated in a whiplash research project for the Insurance Corporation of BC
· Specialized in the treatment of Acute & Chronic Pain
· Treated a wide variety of health conditions, injuries and diseases
· Led group sessions in stress and pain management.
· Co-facilitated the month-long residential program. Physical therapy, hydrotherapy & counseling.


Institute for Complementary Medicine 1987-1989
Victoria, BC
· Utilized a collaborative, team approach to find solutions to medical problems
· Provided recovery programs offering a broad spectrum of treatment modalities
· Participated in a whiplash research project for the Insurance Corporation of BC
· Treated a wide variety of health conditions, injuries, and diseases
· Co-facilitated the month-long residential program. Physical therapy, hydrotherapy & counseling.

PRINCIPAL of Oracle Community School

Cortes Island, BC 1993-1995
· Established an alternative school for Grades 7-12, 30 students, 50% funded by BC Ministry of Education
· Hired 20 part-time teachers
· Developed an alternative life skills curriculum
· Specialized in kayaking, canoeing, rope courses, wilderness, and vision questing with children 11-18 years.


PSC Natural Health Foods Business 1978-1980
Victoria, BC
· Set up marketing and distribution service for Vancouver Island
· Built and managed associated restaurant and bakery
· Established cooperative management and profit sharing


School District # 36, Surrey, BC 1976
· TEACHER Grades 7 10
School District # 72, Campbell River, BC
· Educational dance and educational gymnastics 1977-1978
· All subjects – rural school Grades 7-10 1974-1975


Physically and Mentally Challenged Students
SD # 57, Prince George, BC 1973-1974
· Developed syllabus and program / Designed and built educational materials
· Taught and administered the program for the Ministry of Education, BC


Corporation of Delta, Delta, BC 1972-1973
· Developed, marketed, and administered community programs
· Hired and managed 40 staff members / Facilitated staff professional development
· Scheduled community user groups in 14 schools and adjacent playing fields
· Wrote a weekly recreation column for local newspapers
· Reported to Parks and Recreation Commission / Cooperated with City Hall Departments
· Established senior citizens facilities, teen facilities, 500 children in daycare programs,
and one in every thirteen citizens was involved in a community-sponsored program.


Hui Ho’olana, Hawaii 1993-1998
· Photography Inner and outer visioning


University of Alberta 1969-1972
· Taught 100-level courses in the Faculty of Physical Education
· Supervised physical education students in their teaching practice in schools through the Faculty of Education.
My Teachers, Mentors, Colleagues, & Friends
I studied with all of these wonderful Teachers who illuminated my journey. They were my Teachers, Mentors, Colleagues, and Friends, and some were also my Clients and took sessions from me.

All of them and many other teachers are inside me. I am also grateful to the thousands of individual clients that came to help me wake up and help me understand who I am, and what are my purposes in this lifetime.

These are a few of the leading experts in the fields of Health and Wellness, Relationships, Communications, Community, and the Healing Arts from the last century up to the present times.

  • Marshall Rosenberg Non-Violent Communications (NVC)
  • Vincent Martínez-Grieco Soul Motion Dance
  • Gabrielle Roth 5 Rhythms Dance
  • Andrea Juhan Open Floor Dance
  • Ron Kurtz Hakomi Method
  • Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine ~ Natural Health
  • Naomi and Doug Moseley Intimacy Training
  • Ram Das Seva Foundation ~ Selfless Service
  • StarHawk Feminist and Goddess Movement
  • Robert Bly Men’s Movement and Masculinity
  • Jean Houston Mystery School
  • Rupert Sheldrake Morphic Resonance
  • Richard Weaver Encounter Movement ~ Cold Mountain Institute
  • Ruth Zaporah Action Theatre ~ Improvisation of Presence
  • R. D. Lang Mental Illness ~ Redefining Normal
  • Susan Osborn, Ann Mortifee Singing
  • Babatunde Olatunji Spirit of the Drums, Drums of Passion
  • Joanna & Fran Macy Gestalt Therapy & Humanistic Psychology, Empowerment & Deep Ecology
  • Michael Conant Bioenergetics, Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Diana L. Christian Building Community, Creating a Life Together
  • Eckhart Tolle Presence & Awareness
  • Alan Clements Vipassana (Insight)Meditation
  • Jack Kornfield Insight Meditations
  • Robert Beatty Mindful Meditation
  • Caroline Myss Mysticism and Wellness
  • Joseph Campbell Cultures from Around the World
  • Jim Kragtwyk Clinical Counselor & Best Friend
  • Clarissa Pinkola Estés Wise Woman
  • Dewitt Jones & Rikki Cooke Seeing Deeply, Healing Deeply through Photography. National Geographic
  • Maria Filippone Yoga
  • Judyth Weaver T’ai Chi Ch’uan
  • Margo Anand Tantra & the Art of Sexual Ecstasy
  • Triambika Ma Vive Lead Facilitator ISTA, International School of Temple Arts
  • Diana Richardson Tantra, Orgasm for Women and Men
  • Atum 0’Kane Spiritual Guidance Teachings
  • Coleman Barks Rumi & Mysticism
  • Christina Baldwin Journal Writing
  • Marion Woodman Relationships
  • Judith McKinnon McKinnon Body Therapy Center
  • Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks Conscious Relationship