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Life Coach | Therapist | Health Care Expert

who is
A dynamic and inspiring teacher, life coach, health provider, and therapist with a blend of management and consulting experience in the public and private sectors.

A rehabilitation specialist, experienced in complementary medicine, specializing in treatments for injuries, health conditions, trauma, relationship counseling, tantra and sex therapy.
My work in this lifetime is to awaken myself to a different cultural paradigm. The name I have given to this new approach to community living and being together on our beloved planet earth is called, Rising Together, Co-Creating a PermaCulture for Humanity.

I generously share this new paradigm and have made this my life path and the work I do. It is about selfless service, devotional service, helping people to heal and have a better life. Life is simple, precious, and we are here to help one another.
My purpose for living, what I envision and dream about, is a world that is more sensitive, kinder, and more loving. One that is peaceful, harmonious, in which we help one another have a meaningful and enjoyable life experience. In simple ways I do my best to contribute to the wellbeing of other people.
Estonian Tantra Festival 2024
The Art of ❤️Loving❤️Yourself

JULY 4 - 7

Laitse Graniitvilla, Estonia
Join me for an amazing Tantra Festival with many presenters. In my workshop experience
20 practices that raise your tantric vibration and help you develop a daily Self-Care regime.
Sacred steps on your path to wellness.

The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival 2024

JUL 7 at 10 AM - JUL 14 at 5 PM

Himmelbjerggården - Nordisk Inspirationscenter - Denmark
A few times per year, we gather to celebrate life, joy, love, sexuality and healing. Together we try things out, we make mistakes, we support each other, we learn and we grow. Because the deeper we get to know ourselves, the more positive impact we can have on our lives, families and communities.
A Men's Workshop:


Vig 4560 Sjælland, Denmark
A 4 day journey in nature exploring your masculine power. A life-changing experience.
Join Rune, Milan, myself, and other Men for this transformational Men’s retreat. 🫶💗🫶
Event page
The Tribal Vibe for Lovers

OCT 11- OCT 13

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level?
Dive deep into the realms of connection, intimacy, and growth with our comprehensive Couples Retreat. Whether you're a "tribal" couple, about to tie the knot, newly acquainted, or seeking to rekindle the spark,
this retreat is designed for you.

A confident leader that touches people’s hearts.

A skilled community leader and facilitator, marketing, developing and administering successful community programs, and workshops, locally and globally.

Offers comprehensive and innovative programs that embrace individual and community needs. Uses new approaches to governance, decision-making, and facilitation, skilled at conflict resolution and mediation
Loves Cooperation and Collaboration.

An inspiring and encouraging team player, both valued and appreciated.

Unique, innovative, and creative approaches, enjoys collaborative endeavors. Thoughtful, able to develop a good rapport with a diverse range of people, and manifest harmonious outcomes using new approaches to group processes.
A Visionary & Passionate Educator.

School Teacher, School Principal, University teacher, Grandfather for the education of children with disabilities around the World. He still is teaching and developing a new curriculum for school children.

Professional development seminars for teachers. Loves children.
"The practice of Loving Kindness opened my heart, body, mind, and spirit to gradually become more intimate with LOVE."
-Ronski Kosky
More than 50 years of experience in a number of disciplines
A life coach who gets results
  • Individual Sessions to help you align with and aspire to your true purposes, visions, and be the best you can be
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Mentoring
150 Euros per hour, Couples 250 Euros per hour.
Over 100,000 people have taken workshops, classes, seminars, groups, keynote speaking engagements, and conferences offered by Ronski. Learn more about the education and qualifications of Ronski here.
Corporate, Business, Institutional & Community Seminars
  • Team building
  • Wellness in the Workplace
  • Self-Leadership & Leadership, Governance, Decision Making
  • Group Process, Community Building & Community Development
  • Mediation, working together, finding solutions to problems within organizations, institutions, businesses, corporations. I use creative approaches to group process and to decision making, that fosters inclusion, diversity and empathetic listening
  • The Art of Facilitation
Professional Development Seminars, 1/2 Days 1000 Euros , Full Days 2000 Euros.
Ronski has done over 35,000 individual sessions during the course of his career
Individual session
Online or offline (Märjamaa, Estonia)
A session in a client's home
within 50 km from Tallinn or Märjamaa, Estonia (if a person is unable to travel 2 hours)
10x 1-hour sessions
coaching to make significant lasting changes in your life
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  • Educational Programs Designer
    Established, developed and implemented the first program in North America to integrate educationally challenged children into public schools.

    Program became widely adopted and then legislated around the World
  • Runner
    172 km non-stop;
    Portland to Eugene, U.S.A.;
  • Originator
    Modem Wheelchair Racing Techniques. Coached paraplegic and quadriplegic athletes who won Olympic gold and were World Record Holders
  • World Master Games, 1998, 5th Place
    Swimming 200 meters breastroke
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"When we care for ourselves and each other we come to understand that giving and receiving are one. When we give we receive, and by receiving we give to the evolution of humanity."
-Ronski Kosky
35 000+ customers in the last 55 years
"Ronski brings a beautiful harmony of presence, loving-kindness, and attuned skill wherever he is. Whether it is in counseling, coaching, mentoring, or facilitating roles, he is able to discern what is needed and offers it with his heart wide open. Embodied wisdom are the words that come to mind when I think of all his gifts."
Jim Kragtwyk
Victoria, Canada
"When having deep conversations with Ronski one is touched by his trust, acceptance, and allowance to be the one you are. His always accepting and allowing approach did soften some edges and corners of my personality truly."
Emma Kristel Ditmann
Tallinn, Estonia
"Ronski's greatest gift to me was the faith he has in me and my abilities. He believes in and sees my greatest potential and wants me to grow and flourish. Sometimes it can be hard to see the full picture of who you are and what you can do, so having someone like Ronski guiding can be the greatest help.."
Peter Jawnz
Vancouver Island, Canada
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