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Making Changes in your Life

Inner Work Making Change 10 minute read

Compassion without Judgement

Self Responsibility


The greatest gift we can give ourselves, and to the ones we love, our family and community, is to be our authentic selves. Exploring and discovering who you are, having self-respect, letting go of fear, and loving yourself are a few of the ways you can experience living fully.

Here are my musings, thoughts, feelings, and insights about relationships with myself, other people, and life in general. The challenge I face with this topic is for me to have compassion without judgment…..and…..compassionately embrace people who might not be taking full responsibility for their lives (including myself). Each of us is responsible for the choices and decisions we make.

One of the fundamental needs in a person’s life is autonomy, being able to make personal choices. The importance of being in charge of one's journey.

Adulthood arrives in each of our lives. Embracing adulthood is a mature and conscious choice. Graduating from childhood to adulthood is a conscious and embodied choice. When you find yourself in a predicament then only you can decide how and when you wake up to a new reality and make the changes needed.

The way to manifest change is by questing for solutions, asking questions ~ lots, seeking wise counsel, surrendering to the wisdom of trusted friends, making personal and professional development a priority, having diversified experiences, developing an embodied daily spiritual practice, attending to life incompletions, consciously heal the wounds and traumas from the past, and most of all follow your BLISS.

Each of us has reasons and purposes as to why we incarnated and are here at this moment. Ultimately, to have a meaningful, enjoyable life, one well lived, being guided by one's heart and doing only what you LOVE, is the way to go ~ the zen of life. Yes, having compassion for other people's predicaments is vital to creating a new culture of caring, and personal freedom. At the same time each person chooses to break free of their conditioning ~ it is a personal choice. I wake up when I become aware of my feelings and needs. Certainly, encouragement and inspiration can help a person to reflect and make changes. It is true we live in times in which people are isolated, indoctrinated, controlled, abused, and treated with disrespect. The reality for many people around the World is much harsher. The good news is that millions of people around our beautiful planet are Waking Up, empowering themselves, seeking connection, considering sharing, and desiring better relationships, with beloveds, family, friends, and nature. Trusting that goodness will prevail is the key to a free and celebratory life. We change when we decide to change. To change requires honoring ourselves by having self-respect for who we are ~ for being the amazing person we are ~ and by letting go of fear. Loving Kindness to ourselves and each other is the healing balm and the path forward. May you consciously choose love and let the golden light infuse your being with love. Shared with Love, light, warm feelings, and a desire to see you, the reader, step forward, and self-initiate the changes you seek that will make your life more beautiful. That would be wonderful yah!!!!


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