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Healing Your Body

Healing 10 minute read

Pain, Injuries, Health Conditions

Healing the body happens from three approaches to daily living. These approaches to living are the same ones that nurture and nourish any relationship, be it with yourself, friends and family, hobbies, passions, animals, or nature.

Time, Attention and Touch are the life-giving practices, the medicine to bring the body back into wholeness, back into balance. So why are these practices necessary and how are they engaged?

Time, Attention, and Touch are the basic principles for living life intimately. They are the path, the road, the journey that teaches us about our true nature. They open us to how we feel, and what we need to heal, and move us toward wellness.

Life is a healthy balance between the uncomfortable (pain) and the comfortable. The challenges we face each day, the appearance of our shadow self, and the pain we experience, all play a vital role in our evolutionary development, educating us about what needs attention, waking us up to become more vibrant and alive, and creating contrast so we can discern and make wise decisions. The discomfort helps us to steer our ship in a direction that is life-serving.

Pain identifies and illuminates when we are out of balance, out of homeostasis. Pain wakes us up, a call to action, informing us a change is required in the way we are living our lives and the way we are behaving. Let’s look at these three approaches to healing in more depth


The good news is there is a natural propensity for the body to heal. The body's cellular structure autonomically and instinctually works all the time to heal any form of wound. When there is a wound, an injury, or an upset anywhere in the body the body knows what to do. The injured site is challenged because it doesn’t know the extent of the injury, all it knows is that body tissue is damaged. A specific location in the body needs help and so the body sends lymph, phagocytic cells (these eat and compost damaged soft tissue and bone), as well as increased blood flow to heal the wounded area. The volume of liquid it sends is always greater than what is needed, that is why we have swelling in and around the wound site. The swelling is also increased by the waste products that come from the lymph, blood, and from phagocytic cells doing their healing work. It takes time for the swelling to naturally go down. When we are injured we are meant to rest.

If you want to accelerate the healing process then spending time healing yourself is essential. Whatever modality you use, whether it be resting, biofeedback, breath work, physiotherapy, water therapy, vascular flush (the use of alternating hot and cold treatments), taking a holiday, relaxation, flotation tanks, reiki, massage, bodywork or any of the wide variety of treatment modalities, the more time you invest in your healing process, the faster you will heal. It is important to recognise that the body loves to be well. Now this in and off itself is an amazing realization. So do take lots of time for yourself when some part of your body, mind, and emotional self is calling to you and needs attention. Pain is the identifier to help you take action and heal.

In the work I do helping and supporting people back to wellness from injuries or health conditions I encourage clients to see me as many times as is necessary for them to return to wholeness. I also teach them what they can do for themselves and encourage them to be actively involved in their healing. My clients make a remarkable recovery and come back into wellness very quickly.


When there is an injured area in the body, upset, and particularly pain in the body, people quite often want the pain to go away ~ the quicker the better. Sometimes pharmaceuticals are needed, and then it is wise to take what the doctor prescribes. On the other hand, many times the medicine reduces and covers up the pain and the person doesn’t pay attention to their own healing. This will only slow up the healing process and sometimes adds additional waste products to the damaged site and to the body in general which are not needed. Removing this debris takes extra energy and so less body energy is available at the specific location of the wound where it is needed.

Your Attention through non-intrusive practices to what is actually going on where there is pain, an injury, or damaged tissue, requires a 24/7 approach. Hiding the pain and discomfort often prevents us from focusing on the right action and taking time to do what is necessary to recover fully.


One of the great gifts in life is touch. It is a wonderful feeling to touch and be touched. From research they know that babies at birth grow more slowly when they are not held, nursed, loved, and touched. Touching a part of the body that is in pain and has damaged tissues is very healing and comforting. Of course, it needs to be the right sort of touch! You can heal yourself by touching yourself or by having a skilled professional physically, emotionally, psychologically and energetically touch you back into wellness. Choose the right practitioner for you to heal quickly ~ one that loves what they do and resonates with compassion, empathy, and kind intentions.

When the soft tissues, bones, joints, and organs receive a sensitive loving touch, healing takes place in the cells and between them. A knowledgeable professional practitioner can be invaluable in helping you reduce pain and get well quickly. The more experience they have, the better. The health practitioner needs to be well trained in human anatomy and physiology, know how the systemic systems operate in the body, plus the remedies required for a speedy rehabilitation, then you are well assisted on your path to wellness. Being touched is imperative to healing.

I cannot stress enough that Repetition is one of the many fundamental elements that facilitate healing. Repeated knowledgeable touch transforms the tissues, wakes up the cells, removes waste products from the injured site, relaxes the tissue, increases the range of motion, separates fascia that has attached, increases lymph and blood flow to support healing, and opens the skin around the injured area to release unwanted waste material. The skin is known as the largest organ of the body ~ and is a major contributor to the body's excretory system. This is where an experienced wellness practitioner can help you heal.

I have been offering healing sessions, for both physical therapy and counseling for 55 years. I am very skilled in massage, manual manipulation, bodywork, breathwork, and a wide range of health modalities. If you have pain in your body, both chronic and acute, I would be happy to help you.

I am a rehabilitation specialist, experienced in complementary medicine, specializing in treatments for injuries, health conditions, trauma, addictions, stress and anxiety, relationship counseling, family and children issues, tantra and sex therapy. I have worked for many years in private practice as well as in Medical Centres, Stress and Pain Centres, and Institutes for Complementary medicine.

  • 2014-2017 MA Degree, Leadership and Community, Royal Roads University, Canada
  • 2017 Healing Arts Sex Practitioner in International School of Template Arts (ISTA), Israel
  • 2014 Dance Teacher in Soul Motion School of Dance & Leadership, Washington, USA
  • 2012 Yoga Teachers Training in Yandara Yoga Institute, Mexico
  • 2006-2008 Intimacy Training Program, Mosely Method Therapist, New Mexico
  • 2004 International Intensive Training with Marshall Rosenberg, The Centre for Nonviolent Communications (NVC), Canada
  • 1975 Massage Practitioner, Judith Mckinnon Professional School of Massage & Bodywork, California, USA
  • 1968-1969 B.Sc. Human Anatomy and Human Physiology, University of Oregon, USA
  • 1965-1968 Degree, University of Exeter, Specialist Diploma in Physical Education, England

Closing Reflections

Healing the body is an ongoing learning experience ~ a lifetime journey. Healing the physical body, the emotional and psychological body requires Time, Attention, and Touch. Choosing the right health practitioner to support, help, and inspire you back to wellness will accelerate your healing. Even better, you will be more empowered to be yourself, proactively do what you love, enjoy your life, and not have limitations from pain, injuries, health conditions that are holding you back from living your life fully.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing. We are all unique in how we experience life and heal our pain. So, this is your invitation to let go of the idea that healing has to look any specific way. And…..I encourage you to be open to a professional who gets results and can help you.

You always get to move at the exact pace that feels most supportive to you.

And if you have the courage to listen, and I mean truly listen, your body will always tell you exactly what it needs to find its way home.