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The Divine Feminine ~ Masculine Perspective

Divine Feminine 1 hour read

Written for Men

Sacred Self

When I went to school, no teacher mentioned the words ‘Divine’ or ‘Feminine’, they were not part of the curriculum. There are many archetypes, and states of being that we don’t think about, contemplate, or are curious about, but which play integral and vital roles in our lives and evolution. Taking time to get to know your Divine Feminine helps you to love yourself, love life, and love others.

The Divine Feminine is the source and essence of what LOVE and relationships are all about! Love does not differentiate between gender or sexual orientation. Love is the essence, the seed, the core of the creative energies of the Divine Feminine. Whether it be yourself, your beloved, child, mother, father, grandparent, or friend, there is a relationship field of pure energy inside everyone we call Love that you can cultivate by generously expressing your loving feelings. This love originates and grows in your womb, your core essence, your sacred garden. Every Man and Woman has a womb from which they birth their love. The womb space resides in the belly and generates waves of loving energy outwardly. When loving feelings pass through the heart chakra, joy attaches to love, adding passion and compassion to the love feelings, potentially amplifying the Love energy, through breath, sound, and expression.

The Divine Feminine inside each person gives birth to love and celebrates Love. The inner expression of Love is a self-initiated creation process. The outer expression of Love is a co-creation process. Both are needed in our lives for us to get to know our divinity. The Divine Feminine is life's archetypical gift and a state of being that expresses itself in many ways. The Divine Feminine lives inside and outside every Woman and Man. In people, the Divine Feminine is embodied in our cellular DNA and always loves to be expressed.

Many beautiful qualities are inherent in the Divine Feminine, and I begin with those that are foundational, from the belly and womb of the Sacred Divine Feminine. These archetypes, qualities of being, behaviours and traits guide you on your life journey, encouraging you to take action. Sacred steps that offer life experiences, new learning, the manifestation of all of who you are and what you came here to do in this lifetime. These come from your essence, when invoked and expressed they awaken your core self.

The beautiful you, the ONE, the you who is an essential part of everything ~ great-full-ness. These archetypes, qualities of being, behaviours and traits help you to discover your uniqueness, your purposes and your visions. They nourish your inspirational and intuitive flame that burns in your perineum, illuminating your inner body and radiating outwardly. The archetypes that follow, these qualities of being, behaviours and traits, encourage and inspire you to practice Loving Kindness leading to a state of Loving Presence, to be discovered, embraced, and embodied so you can celebrate your divinity. If you want to explore, play and learn more about your Feminine Archetypes, Qualities, and Traits, consider buying the Divine Feminine Card Deck. 54 Cards that will change your life.

You are love

The Divine Feminine embraces its Divine Masculine

I embrace my beloved’s courageously, unequivocally, and sensitively. My inner and outer Divine Feminine embraces my masculine – my polarity and sacred friend. I celebrate the presence and beauty of the Divine Masculine in all its magnificent manifestations.

The Seed of Love: An Enduring and Forever Love

I commit to a loving life, a loving existence. I am love.


I feel grateful to be alive. I have reverence for all forms of life; people, creatures, elements, and the environment. I express my gratitude.

Loving Kindness

I express togetherness and oneness toward my family, friends, and all my relations. They are my kin, my tribe of choice. I recognise that wherever I look, I see only a reflection of myself: we are all related, we are one family. Kindness is my best friend.


I feel warm, sensitive and attentive toward my sisters. I learn from being with my sisters. I am a caregiver, nurturer, and supportive friend. I am the empowered feminine.

The Giver of Light and Life

I illuminate my life path and do that for others. My eyes and heart see through the veils into the unknown.

She Who Remembers

I am the seed carrier. I regenerate all forms of life over and over again. I am the warp and the weft for the collective spirit and consciousness tapestry. I remember our ancestors' sacred ways and rebirth their healing qualities.


I create abundance. I give birth to many forms of life. I am the moon, stars and the earth under my feet.

The Emotional Ocean

I embody change and recognise that life is energy in motion. I am stillness in motion. I am the ocean.

Wild Feminine

I express and celebrate my wild feral nature. My animal instincts are alive and well. I play in nature. I embrace the elements. I let my blood flow back into the earth.

Belonging and Connection

I yearn for loving connections. I feel a deep desire for togetherness. I long for peace, harmony and a felt sense of belonging. With a beloved, family, friends and tribe.

Feminine Visionary

I see beyond the horizon. I pay attention to my nighttime dreams and my waking dreams. I receive guidance from my spirit guides, angels, and our collective awareness.

The Sage

I am the See-er. The Oracle who listens to the universal heartbeat. I enlighten and awaken.


I honour the Divine in myself and the Divine in others.


I am sensuous, sexual, and erotic. I enjoy and celebrate pleasure, including all forms of creative connection and closeness. I love to touch and be touched.

Connection to Life

The following archetypes, qualities of being, behaviours and traits define how the Divine Feminine connects with all life. These are heart-relational, they support the way you communicate and relate. The practical, sensual, sexual, and emotional pathways that facilitate connection, togetherness, and loving presence. The creation and co-creation that brings peace, harmony, and balance to everyday life. The sustenance that feeds and nutures healthy relationships.

These archetypes, qualities of being, behaviours and traits help you engage people, animals, your friends and colleagues at work in ways that support you and the wellbeing of everyone. You develop your ability to experience all your feelings, heal your wounds and traumas, so you can emotionally engage others in appreciative, life-affirming, and regenerative ways. You initiate your own healing. You take self-ownership and self-responsibility for everything you do, feel and say. You embrace others from a heart space with heart-eyes. Hand in hand, belly to belly, you step into a relationship with loving kindness and presence. You celebrate togetherness as the most precious gift in your life.

You are the lover and the beloved

Creation and Co-Creation

I nourish and nurture myself. My womb nourishes and nurtures the seeds of humanity. I am the intimate one.

Acceptance and Surrendering

I accept without knowing. I relax and stay in balance with whatever life presents. I surrender to what life brings me and show up for our highest learning.


I see beyond the veils to what cannot be seen. I see the source of the beloved. I am intuitive.


My heart beats with empathy and healing energy. I am here to help and be of service for the common good.

The Lover

I form a union with my inner and outer Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Together we honour one another. In union, we co-create and celebrate life. I am becoming a lover of life.

The Healer

I put flesh back on people’s bones. My tears water their roots. My presence generates a healing energy field. I foster wellness. I nourish people from my heart space.

Encourager and Inspirer

I recognise the beauty, magnificence, talents, and gifts in others and encourage grace and flow for their life journey. I inspire wonder and awe.

Openness and Transparency

I welcome the unknown. I am comfortable spending time in the void. I divulge who I



I communicate my passion through feelings, heartfelt listening, encouragement, support, and intentions of goodness. I am empathetic with my sisters, brothers, children and animals.

Motherly Embracer

I love to hold and be held. I heal myself through intimate connection. I am who I am. I embrace myself and others just as they are.

Sexual and Sensual Pleasure

I balance erotic energy and emotional independence. My sexuality is pleasurable. I am free to be me.

Embodied Intimacy

I seek self-realisation. I explore my shadow. I let my light shine. I am curious about people.


I see with heart eyes, inwardly and outwardly.

Family Community and Tribe

The following archetypes, qualities of being, behaviours and traits remind you of the Tribal Vibe, the collective spirit. They help you become aware of the lovely feelings that arise in you from being in a family and living in a community. They nurture your tribal-ness, your roots, and your connection to others. Engaging with others creates a sense of being on the same team, fostering wonderful feelings of belonging and emotional well-being. By fostering diversity and inclusion you create wholeness. The following archetypes, qualities of being, behaviours and traits address the yearning to come home to yourself, to feel at home within the tribe and family. A recognition and acceptance you are a part of the whole, you are here for a reason. This realisation has responsibilities, ones that are life-enhancing for you and for everyone. Make your life a ritual of practice. Practices help you to embody your inner and outer wisdom so you can serve humanity. Together we can create

a more beautiful world. Let’s make it happen! Be loving kindness to everyone you meet. Begin right now, there is only this moment.

We are love

Loving Presence

I live life as a Love Journey in every moment.

Emotional Wellbeing

I create balance through expression, acknowledgement, action, being myself, and mutual sharing. I love myself and honour my feelings.


I can source energy from the earth, air, water, fire, ether, the heavens, and the celestial sky. I am the empowered feminine.


I am emotionally expressive and share myself with maturated innocence. I participate and fully engage in everyday life. My feminine nature is passionate.


I create spaciousness by making my own choices and decisions. I commit to being my magnificent self in all its diversity.

Non Attachment

I give and receive without attachment or expectation. I welcome, embrace, and celebrate each moment. I accept what life offers.

Joy of Giving and Receiving

I ask for help, offer help and happily receive life’s abundance. I give and receive with heartfelt generosity. I am the river that flows.

Metamorphosis: The Butterfly Alchemist

I transform dirt into gold, tears into sunshine, and fear into love. I compost what I no longer need. My molten lava is volcanic, life-changing and life-giving.

The Expressive Dancer

I move in many ways. I’m spontaneous, imaginative, creative. My dance is healing and regenerative. My movements flow and weave like veins of gold.


I practice witchcraft and magic. I cast spells of goodness. Enchantment, Delight and Mystery I am playful, have fun, and enjoy life. I invite and invoke magic and miracles.

My Home (the Nest)

I create a sacred place called home, especially inside myself, which cultivates a felt sense of belonging.


I take care of myself every day so I can take care of others. Devotion is my path to Sacred Union.

Togetherness and Oneness

I seek harmony and resonance. I value togetherness. Together we can create a more beautiful world. I am one.

Embracing and Celebrating Everyone and Everything

You see the beloved in everything and everyone. The following archetypes, qualities of being, behaviours and traits invite you to look at what needs healing and be proactive in making that happen. Take time to see and step into the bigger picture. Take every opportunity to express gratitude, gratefulness, and thankfulness for they are the portals to embracing the gift of life. Accept the gift with an open heart, and celebrate your existence and

all that surrounds you in this moment. The following archetypes, qualities of being, behaviours and traits are meant to inspire you to see the totality of life, encourage you to play your part and be on your journey. Be yourself, step into your unknown, and let your love flow generously. Contribute to the well-being of all for you are an integral participant and player in the unfoldment of our universe. Say yes to your life and to all life.

You are one with all

Our universe is LOVE


I create an environment, a heart garden for growth, development, and exploration. I compost everything to make my human earth wholesome, within and without.


My roots go back to the beginning of time. My sacred roots run deep into the earth. My umbilical cords are connected and entwined with all life. Past, present and future.


I enjoy sharing. I generously share who I am and what I have. I don’t see myself as separate. I am like a tree in the forest. I am connected to everyone and everything.

Inner Truth

I am truthful with myself. I strive to be impeccable and behave with integrity. I develop trust in myself through honesty.


I recognise the preciousness of my life in all its manifestations. Imagination I dream that anything and everything is possible.

Miracles and Magic

I feel and sense what is happening and discern what action to take. Life is full of surprises.

Guided by Angels and Spirit Guides

I receive, value, and appreciate their assistance, help, and guidance from other entities. I recognise and acknowledge that at this very moment, I am not alone. The universe is supporting me.


I am the powerful feminine energy of change. Out of the ashes, I create life. I am all loving.

Cycles and Rhythms of Life

My feminine body is attuned to everyday life and responds to what shows up. I embrace the Life/Death/Life cycle. I honour the rhythms of life.

Service to Humanity

I serve by modelling and mentoring the many wholesome qualities of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. My mantra is to evolve and co-create a better world.

The Divine

I am reverent and honour all aspects of life, its diversity and magnificence. I practise rituals and create ceremonies in my daily life.

The Divine Self is a marriage of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

The Divine Feminine is Fertile and Generously Abundant

I wrote this article primarily for Men and for myself. An invitation to men to go deeper, to love more passionately, to encourage Men to embrace and express their kindly heart culture. The Divine Feminine remains a sacred presence in the psyche and being of every man. The intention behind writing this article was to encourage Men to ask questions about their inner processes that they haven't considered before. I would add that the process of

self-understanding that comes from a curiosity about the inner and outer Divine Feminine is relevant to Women as much as it is for Men.

Most Men are unaware that they need to become more aware and learn about their inner and outer Divine Feminine. Sadly, most men have never cut the umbilical cord between themselves and their mothers. Although the doctor or midwife on behalf of the mother cut the cord, the mother is very attached to the newborn baby and her Shadow self, in particular, seeks a deeper connection between herself and her male child. Many Men have been emasculated by their mothers, in most cases unconsciously. The male child becomes the surrogate husband to a lesser or greater degree and the male child substitutes for all the unfulfilled and unmet needs of the mother–from her partners or husband.n reality, the mother uses the child in an attempt to heal and experience a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Men tend to unconsciously reciprocate their mother’s attachment. How this manifests in everyday life is the Man frequently seeking connection with the feminine lover. However, he repeatedly chooses a mother figure to heal his wounds from being used and not honoured as a unique and independent male child. So, the male child and then later the adult male often consistently goes on a quest to seek the company of the feminine. The adult male often spends very little time with his brothers, his father, uncles, grandfathers, or Men who could model the true masculine archetype. The primary place in which a Man can learn about his masculinity is from other Men.

A mother’s or woman’s purpose is not to inform and educate a Man about his masculinity. At best, she can awaken his masculine spirit and his animal nature. Her presence creates contrast, her love, when unattached, is a creative energy that ignites his masculine juices. The man’s responsibility is to learn about his Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, to become aware and express his feelings, and to explore the multitude of archetypal

characters that live inside him. He cannot find the answers to his inner processes of loving, loving himself, or loving others by attaching to motherly love or by spending excessive amounts of time with Women. He needs to be in balance, get to know himself, spend time with other Men, and learn from the collective energies of his brothers.

I write about this in the context of the Divine Feminine because, in your own life, you might want to notice how much of your time you spend with women. Searching for them, pleasing them, and accommodating their requests because the Woman has not explored her inner and outer Divine Masculine, and the Man has not become intimate with his inner and outer Divine Feminine. I have spent most of my life seeking Love by accommodating and pleasing the women I chose to live with. This left me and could leave you spending an inordinate amount of time, a considerable part of your life, gravitating toward the unhealed Feminine, both externally and internally.

Men learn about their Masculinity and their purposes in life primarily from other Men. Once you spend more time with your brothers, you will discover more about yourself. I can assure you that in all probability you will be behaving differently and experiencing much more balance, harmony, and successful outcomes in your general life. The wide-ranging and divine archetypal Feminine qualities, traits, and gifts are waiting to be discovered by you.

I wrote this article because I was curious to understand and know my Divine Feminine; the part of me that wants to grow and evolve. I want to know the diverse aspects and archetypes that inhabit my being to make my life a daily celebration, a precious gift to be cherished. This topic and personal subject are unique to each person, and the best we can do is to express what this feels like and what it means in our own natural way.

I personally want to become more intimate with her, inside myself and outside. So, I invite you to be curious, to come up with your understandings and realisations about how you incarnated, and how you were parented. Are you operating each day from a set of default irrational beliefs that don’t serve you, other people, or our universe What does the Divine Feminine mean to you? How do these energies play out for you?

I don’t need to know

I need to know myself

I need to go inside and be with me

And most of all

Love myself

The Divine Feminine is formless and beyond words. It’s within everyone and everything, mainly unexplored! When we familiarise ourselves with our inner and outer Divine Feminine, a complexity of beingness, a vibration that is alive, generates, creates, co-creates, and brings us into a closer connection to everything and everyone. Then we are on our true path – alive and well – yay !!!