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A Love Journey | A Way of Being and Living

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What is my personal philosophy for living a Celebratory life?

I began my journey in the womb of my mother. Conceived in love in a bomb shelter in London, England, toward the end of the 2nd World War 1945. Every emotion was alive inside me, from love to hatred. I was saturated with pain, hurt, suffering, sadness, powerlessness, and the love of my mother. Love was buried deep inside me and to embrace and embody Love would be my number one priority in this lifetime.

I began my quest as a young boy to discover who I was, and to consciously choose my paths in this lifetime. What were my purposes and assignments in this lifetime? To begin with I was lost. I needed inner and outer guidance! I stood at my temple gates and looked in every direction. I realised that self-development and self-realisation grew out of having diverse life experiences. I went on a journey into the unknown, too illuminate what was hidden from my understanding of life. One sacred step at a time I began to discover what love meant. I was blessed by having a mother who was a very kind woman. This was such a precious gift. Her kindness meant so much to me. Over time I germinated her seeds of kindness, the ones that lived inside me. I tended my kindness and made that my primary mantra for living.

Kindness comes from the word kin. Nurturing and nourishing one's family and relations of choice. What a beautiful expression! I fell in love with kindness. The practice of Loving Kindness opened my heart, body, mind, and spirit to gradually become more intimate with LOVE. This love inhabited and imbued much of my body and being. There is still much personal transformative healing for me to do ~ a lifetime process ~ one I am committed to. Like an ancient tree growing in the forest I am learning about patience and gratitude. Wherever I am I sow seeds of loving kindness, and my tree of life offers encouragement, support and healing to the roots of those I meet.

My lifetime work and purpose has been to help people heal, get to know themselves, and support them so they are guided by their feelings, intuition, and instinctual nature. Once a person is attuned to how they feel, then they are able to be receptive to how another person feels. For relationships to work, to be harmonious, loving, caring, kind, supportive, one needs to be in touch with how one feels. If you are predominantly in your head and mind, then having a friendship, connection, cooperative, collaborative, warm loving relationship with another becomes problematic and challenging.

Unfortunately, our culture doesn’t equally honour our spirit, physical, mental and emotional humanness. Most cultures primarily pay homage to the mental state. Whether it be in education, medicine, business, the worldwide web, or everyday life, thinking and mental states dominate these cultural domains and subsequently the way we live.

My purpose and work in this lifetime is to awaken myself to a different cultural paradigm. The name I have given to this new approach to community living and being together on our beloved planet earth is called, Rising Together, Co-Creating a PermaCulture for Humanity. I generously share this new paradigm and have made this my life path and the work I do. It is about selfless service, devotional service, helping people come alive, heal, and have a better life. Life is simple, precious, and we are here to help one another.

Personal wellness arises when we care for ourselves. Wellness arises when we care for those that are around us. Self-care and caring for others is a love union, a marriage, for they are intimately entwined. When you take good care of yourself you are able to take care of

everything and everyone in your immediate world. When we care for ourselves and each other we come to understand that giving and receiving are one. When we give we receive, and by receiving we give to the evolution of humanity.

Taking good care of yourself requires that you heal yourself. You spend time healing the emotional, physical, psychic, and spiritual wounds that have traumatized you. You seek to bring yourself back into homeostasis, balance, and wholesomeness. This requires courage and determination. patience and Self Love. Healing your past helps you to re-pattern your present. Then you are not reliving your past each moment in the present time. I am committed to healing myself.

Caring for yourself invites you to do daily practices. Something as simple as going for a walk, sitting quietly, practicing breathing, tending a garden, singing, dancing, playing music, almost anything can be a self-care practice. Daily self care requires commitment and discipline. A state of being that is grateful, kindly toward oneself, and enjoys and accepts life just as it is.

One needs to remember that you have come out of the belly of Mother Earth, and you will return back into the soil. In your lifetime you can spiritually and energetically contribute to the goodness of life. You are here for different purposes. Use your time wisely! Practice loving kindness and you will discover and enjoy loving presence. You will befriend happiness and feel contentment. Of course you will experience other emotions such as sadness, hurtfulness, and anger. One of the ways you can heal your personal pain and trauma, and the universal pain and trauma, is through self-care practices, and caring for people, nature, and our environment.

What are my Goals for Living and being on My Journey?

My purpose for living, what I envision and dream about, is a world that is more sensitive, kinder, and more loving. One that is peaceful, and harmonious, in which we help one another have a

meaningful and enjoyable life experience. In simple ways, I do my best to contribute to the wellbeing of other people.
What do I offer to create beauty, healing, and a better way of living for people?

  • I offer Events, Workshops, Individual Sessions, and Seminars, organize Men’s Groups & Men’s Workshops, Celebrate and Enjoy contributing to Festivals, Programs for Teenagers, and Teach High School students
  • I offer individual sessions, online and offline, for healing, mentorship, life coaching, inspiration, rehabilitation from injuries, health conditions
  • I write about living a good life. Articles & Blogs
  • I am slowly developing a Website and an App that will help people on their Life Journey. Help them heal, grow, evolve, and creatively celebrate their life
  • I offer encouragement and inspiration to those I meet * I create energetic abundance in many forms including money. I take only what I need for a basic, simple living. I return and recycle the abundance back into people and care for our planet
  • I celebrate living each day and I am very grateful and thankful for this life
  • I nurture and nourish myself, I practice self-care every day, so I can be of service.
Why are feelings so important to me?

For centuries we have idealized a belief system that beingness, consciousness, and awareness grow and evolve out of thinking. This is a myth, an irrational belief system perpetrated by a masculine culture that

is fearful of the feminine, nature, and the unknown. There will always be the unknown and we do not need to be afraid of what has not yet been revealed, or the future. We are nature so gratitude, love, and appreciation need to replace fear. Nature cannot be controlled, nature just is! Feminine and Masculine nature is inside every woman and man and is our divine nature and way of being ~ to love, to be loved and embraced.

As I ended my teenage years and began my Manhood, I came to realise that I had a minimal ability to feel my feelings, get to know my feelings, or express my feelings. To relate with myself, to relate and communicate with others required that I was familiar and able to communicate my feelings. My thoughts dominated my life. I hadn’t recognised or invoked how I felt, or invoked my intuition or instincts. Without access to my feelings I was disconnected from myself. Once I realised my feelings needed to be awakened and birthed, I came to recognise that my thoughts were wiseful administrators of my feelings. My feelings defined and described who I am, my direction in life. My thoughts gave perspective, rationale, reasons for my actions, they illuminated my feelings. With this understanding I came to understand that my Feelings and Emotions came before my thinking and mental thoughts. There is an order to the manifestation process of self development, personal growth, healing, and the movement toward self realisation. Understanding and honoring my humanity and to become a good wholesome human being requires that my feelings flow like a river. Then I can contribute to the common good ~ the river of life.

One of my lifetime goals is to become intimate with a broad range of my feelings, especially the ones I’m having each moment and the feelings that are unfamiliar..

In our hearth, our womb, our belly, and throughout our body authentic feelings arise. These feelings are meant to guide, educate, keep us safe, celebrate, and help us enjoy ourselves. They travel along afferent nerve/neurone pathways to our brain. Afferent neurones carry

informative feeling messages from all parts of our body to our brain. Thousands of feeling messages are being received, interpreted, integrated every moment by our awesome brain administrator. When our brain is relaxed and well nourished, it has the ability to receive, listen to, be mindful, wise, and respond to these feelings.

Simultaneously our instinctual body is advising and informing the brain with important primal animalistic information as to what is needed to stay safe, well, and healthy. Concurrently we also have an intuitive body that is also sending messages to the brain. There is our inner intuitive body wisdom that comes from past experiences, from successes and challenges we have faced. Our intuitive body also receives guidance from energies that surround us and those can be in the form of the elements, nature, angels, and other energetic entities that support us. Nature and life is continually supporting us to have a life well lived.

So our brain and mind is receiving a vast amount of invaluable information from our body to be a celebration of living love. The three sources are our feelings, our instinctual nature, and our intuitive nature. Wow!!!!! An abundance of helpful, healing, inspirational, and creative information to be fully alive and awake in each moment. Having harvested the deep understanding of what our lives are about and what is needed, our brain initiates a call for action.

Via efferent nerves, the brain informs the body as to its wellbeing, focuses on what needs attention, illuminates the path, and recommends the next steps we need to take in each moment. The brain and mental faculty is primarily our administrator for living. Efferent neurones are primarily ‘doing’ messages informing our body. There is also wisdom within these neural pathways that informs us to be who we are!? The art of living is about the brain listening and receiving the inflow of messages from the body and responding in a kind, loving self-care, self aware way. The body and the brain/mind need to be best friends.

Respectful, sensitive, honoring, graceful and be in service to each other. A love union between body and mind. A sacred relationship.

Here are the aspects of being human, the sacred union inside ourselves: Emotional Body ~ Feelings. The seeds that germinate and guide a wholesome life

Physical Body ~ Cellular Memory & Structure, a manifestation of our accumulated life experiences

Mental Body ~ Mind & Thinking. The wise one that guides our footsteps

Spirit Energy ~ Connection with the Universal, with all that is. Our namaste!

To summarise this process we are first guided by feelings, instinct, and intuition. Our physical body needs regular maintenance and self care and this happens through daily practices. To make sure our actions are in alignment with our feelings, instinctual intuitive guidance, and physical body needs, we need to ensure that our mind is calm, relaxed, and sources its wisdom in directing the moment to moment operations of our lives.

Where does Spirit fit into our lives? Spirit is the container, the fabric and web of the universe that keeps us safe, lovingly nurtures our existence. An energetic presence that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and yet inhabits everything around and within us. Appreciating and welcoming spirit helps us to have a full and healthy life. Listening with your heart and mind to spirits guidance, during dreamtime and your waking day, will serve you well.
Lastly, when we have new experiences, with people, nature, and sometimes by ourselves we are on our Journey. Diverse life experiences invokes emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body wisdom. May your life be a celebration of new experiences.

Generously share love, receive love