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Healing Yourself

Healing 30 minute read
Whenever we are feeling not well or in pain the prevailing response in our society is to go and see a health professional, therapist, or counselor. We hope they will have the answers. Our assumption is that a health professional, therapist, or counselor will be able to diagnose what is wrong with us and then either prescribe; a pharmaceutical remedy, operate on the body, indicate a remedial exercise program, manipulate the bones, alter the energy in the tissues with needles or other techniques, or awaken our body consciousness through new insights and understandings of ourselves. There is a vast array of health practitioners, who will gladly fix what ails you. In short, they will do something to you or for you that will make you all better, they will cure you.

The idea of going outside of who we are when we are not well and relying on a diagnosis and prognosis that will heal us, might not be a wise way to go. Diagnosis is a band-aid response. At best it might be a short-term solution, sometimes it masks the problem, many times it creates even more toxins in the body and most of the time makes matters worst by delaying giving the real attention the body is crying out for. When some of our needs are not being met we eventually get sick. When we behave in certain ways we get sick. When we don’t take care of ourselves the way nature intended, we get sick.

The answers to our well-being are inside each one of us. Only you know what went into making you who you are. Only you can feel what it really feels like. Only you can know what will make a difference in your life. Health professionals, healers, and therapists do have some knowledge, wisdom, skills, and advice that can be valuable information to help us heal or understand a particular health condition. When you have a broken bone, the help of a doctor is welcomed and greatly appreciated.
However, with many health conditions, a person faces, identifying the cause, diagnosing what is really going on inside them, and suggesting the panacea healing remedy can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. A wise person certainly harvests as much information as possible from health professionals and therapists so they can make mindful decisions on how to remedy and heal a health problem. However, health professionals in general rarely know what is going on inside of us.
Each person needs to take charge of their health and well-being. The solutions are inside each one of us.
You might not know exactly what has caused you to become sick. Quite often there are so many unmet needs contributing to your body being out of balance, that you are unable to clearly identify all of them in the beginning. However, as you use your intuition, your mind, and or your best guess to clarify how you feel when essential needs are not being met in your daily life, you will have the beginning recipe, the diet, the information to nourish, nurture and bring you back into a state of wellness.

Knowing is not always the answer to healing. Nature has a way of sorting out our wounds, even the ones we self-create. When we listen to the body’s feedback informing us that all is not well, our attention is calling us to make different life choices. The longer we ignore ourselves, the worst it gets. Taking care of your needs and honoring your feelings is the successful path to healing yourself. It is simple, pay attention to your beautiful divine body. Take time to listen to your heartbeat, eat healthy food, drink water, spend time in nature, breathe fresh air, let sunlight bathe your body, and most of all take time to nurture and nourish yourself.

The time it takes to heal is usually much quicker than the time it took to get sick. Nevertheless, healing takes time. There is no fixed amount of time that it takes to heal from any condition. It is rarely instantaneous, and usually much longer than we are prepared to accept.

Being sick is something our society hides, we don’t want to see sick people, pain and sickness is to be gotten rid of as fast as possible, often unconsciously, and then we don’t really understand how and why we got sick and so the condition reoccurs over and over again. Taking responsibility for your state of wellness and how you feel is empowering. Taking responsibility for your body’s well-being is the first step to healing and feeling fully alive. When you actively participate in healing yourself, bringing your whole self back into balance, alive, engaged, and passionate, you take control of your health and destiny.
Healing happens when you become a conduit or vessel that allows for the imbalanced energies inside yourself to transmute, bringing you back into balance and wellness

Here are some ways the body heals

  • Self-touch and loving touch from another person is transformative and the body welcomes touch as a healing modality

  • Healing happens in the spaces between touch

  • Reflective time alone as well as seeking counsel

  • Healing requires loving oneself

  • Healing takes time and requires patience, sometimes many years. The extent of the wound and the length of time it has festered within the body affects the rate of healing

  • Nature is a powerful healer. Rest is nature’s way of allowing the body to come back into homeostasis

  • Healing begins once you stop whatever is causing upset to the body

  • Healing requires giving general and specific attention to oneself throughout everyday

  • Healing calls for focussing and giving your attention to the area(s) of pain and discomfort you are experiencing

  • Healing requires self-empathy. Sickness happens, our immune systems might need to upgrade or there are things in our lives we need to wake up to!

  • Healing requires letting go. Letting go of the present moment of tension and anxiety. That is why relaxation is so important to healing

  • Become aware of the fact that the mind has stored memories of what happened to you and how you felt. There are multiple areas that require your attention when healing

  • Recognizing that often we had multiple experiences that layered tension on top of the first wound, injury, trauma, or upset

  • Regaining your wellness happens when you learn to let go of the trapped energy that often resides in many parts of your body

  • Healing takes place when you verbally share your story and your truth with other people

  • Empathetic listening is healing so make time to share how you feel and what is going on with you with friends and family. Also, hearing other people’s stories gives insight and understanding, and context for one’s own experiences and truth. The healing becomes mutual

  • Healing takes place when you make healing a daily part of your life

  • Ask a friend to hold you for a sustained period of time. Rest into being held and enjoy the healing experience.
Healing and Wellness require participating in daily healing practices Make healing happen today

You are a miracle

Make yourself #1
Healing takes place when you take responsibility for what is going on inside of you. When you connect your own behavior and life experiences to who you are, what you are feeling, and why your body is not well and out of balance, then you begin to understand why you are not well. Often, you cannot identify the exact reasons that caused you to become sick, but you do become clearer on what you have to do to get well. As you change your behavior, alter your course, and meet more of your essential needs, then in time, you will experience an improved state of well-being. Once you make recognizable improvements in your health, this indicates the effectiveness of the changes you have made.

Why is healing so difficult? When you are not well the universe is speaking to you and inviting you to be more curious about yourself ~ ask questions ~ quest for new understandings of who you are and how your past has structured your present state of being. Staying as you are, albeit in discomfort and pain, is more familiar and the habit requires little thinking or energy expenditure. Generally what is called for is a radical change in the way you are. Empower yourself with an action-oriented attitude and then take concrete steps to heal yourself.

Healing takes time, discipline, and courage. The body has hundreds of old defunct patterns that require your attention. To re-establish your body’s natural rhythms, take one small step at a time on your path to wellness.
Love yourself Generously

Make yourself a priority in your Daily Life

Imagine yourself Well

Practice Gratitude