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10 Key Human Needs

Succeeding In Life 30 minute read
1. Meaning and Purpose

The mother need of meaningful Contribution. For self, other people, animals, nature and all life forms. Service. A need to enrich life. Gifting/Tithing, Receiving and Giving, Evolving. To follow one’s bliss, Self Empowerment, Intentions, Connection, Commitments, Caring for our Planet & Environment, Visions, Dreams.

2. Self Respect, Self Empathy & Self Acceptance

Embodied Connectedness, Mindfulness, Surrender, Integrity, Self-Truth(the empowering honesty that enables us to learn from our limitations), Self Worth, Authenticity, Impeccability, Self appreciation, Alignment with Values, Letting go of Fear, Ownership, Self-Responsibility, Transparency, Coaching, Loving Oneself.

3. Self Care

Nourishing and Nurturing Oneself. Food(organic), H20, Fresh Air, Clothing, Housing/Shelter, Play, Movement and Exercise, Rest/sleep, Sexual Expression, Touch, Presence, Grooming, Being in Nature, Elements(wind, rain, snow, water), Sun & Moon, Stars & Planets, Light, Colour, Rhythms, Growing, Heat & Shade, Smiling, Grounding, Centring Affirmations, Expressing feelings (Anger, sadness, hurt/pain, relief, joy), Laughter & Tears, Preciousness, Openness, Curiosity, Sustenance, Maturation, Maturated Innocence, Tantra, Loving Oneself.

4. Autonomy

To decide one’s destiny To choose one’s dreams, goals, values To choose one’s plans for fulfilling one’s dreams, goals and values Freedom, Space, Choice, Independence, Individuality, Expression of Needs & Feelings, Creativity.

5. Interdependent Needs

a. Immediate Family
Empathy, Acceptance, Love(20 or more feelings), Intimacy, Family, Meaningful Communication, Trust, Understanding, Embraced, Affection, Appreciation, Closeness, Support, Contribution to the Enrichment of Life (To exercise one’s powers by giving that which contributes to life), Reassurance, Respect, Support, Caring, Warmth, Consideration, Stability, Friendship, Companionship, Sharing, Nurturance, Comfort, Connection, Truthfulness, Contact, Planning, to Share, Collaborate, Cooperate, Empowerment, Order, Play, Spaciousness, Emotional Safety, Trust, Divulge, Transparency, Understanding, Compassion, Invisibility, Smallness, Sexuality, Sensuality, Union.

b. Community and Tribal Engagement

Empathy, Compassion, Co-creation, Co-participate, Connection, Relationships, Relate, Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity, Community, Cooperation, Teamwork, Inclusion, Openness, Clarity, Communication, Information, Acknowledgement, Dependability, Accountability, Reliability, Competence, Value, Belonging, Service, Collaboration, Company, Completion, Help (Receive & Give), Recognition, Sustainment, Reconciliation, Solidarity, Accountability, Structure, Communion.

6. Creativity

a. With Oneself

Self Empathy, Contemplation, Reflection, Privacy, Meditation, Musical Expression, Sing, Artistic Expression, Building/(Making Structures), Play(Movement), Imagination, Aloneness, Curiosity, Quietness and Stillness, Ease, Passion, Embrace Change, LifeLong Learning(a student of life), Exploration, Diversity & Variety, the Void

b. Interpersonal Co-Creativity

Language, Recreation, Play, Laughter/Crying, Grace, Honouring, Artistry, Learning, Pleasure & Enjoyment, Sexuality & Eroticism, Engagement, Participation, Teamwork.

7. Safety & Protection

Physical, Emotional, & Psychological. Strong immunity to protect one from life threatening forms of life, hazardous materials & people, Sanctuary.

8. Healing (Nurturing your Emotions, Body, Spirit & Mind)

Welcoming Support, Counselling, Reflection, Feedback, Feed-forward, Receiving and Giving, Holding & Being Held, Cleansing, Contemplation, Shadow Work, Amends, Reconciliation, Apologising (I’m sorry), Expressions of Love and Kindness.

9. Spirit

Beauty, Harmony, Balance, Inspiration, Order & Chaos, Peace/Tranquility, Reverence, Mystery, Magic, Mystical (Enchantment), Ritual, Timelessness, Chanting, Alignment & Synchronicity, Sacredness, Union & Oneness.

10. Celebration

To Personally Celebrate the creation of life and dreams fulfilled, needs met To Celebrate Mournings/Losses, loved ones, unfulfilled dreams and dreams that did not meet ones needs. Fun, Enjoyment, Communion, Rites of Passage/ Cycles, Gratitude, Appreciation, Ritual, Sacred Celebration, Community Celebration, Ceremony, Sensuous Intimate Heartfelt Celebration, Coming Home.


All of the above needs contribute to our wellbeing. When your life-giving needs are met, Spirit comes alive. Spirit lives inside and around each of these needs, associated words, and encompasses all of them. Spirit matters and needs to be welcomed, embraced and nurtured. Make yourself a priority in your Life.
Needs are universal to all people. To experience a positive level of health, wellbeing, pleasure, enjoyment, and to feel fully alive, requires having our individual needs met. I have defined this vital state of aliveness with 10 major Need headings and related subheadings. If I have missed something, do let me know. Over a lifetime, to stay in balance, all these needs should be met. We decide how we feel by the degree to which we honour these needs. Our feelings give us accurate feedback as to how we are doing and act as indicators directing us to where we should direct our attention so as to meet our unmet needs.
You might find that in identifying your own particular needs, many of these needs are applicable under a number of headings. For simplicity, I have included just once the words associated with a primary Need. A few like connection and love, appear more than once. There could well be other needs that I have not identified that you need to include.
The LifeLong path of LifeLearning(evolving) happens when you recognise who you presently are by asking the question. What are my needs at this moment, or this day, or immediate period of time? This will illuminate your journey.

How do you do this?

  • Firstly ask yourself which needs are presently being met
  • What are you doing to get those needs met? Answering this question will help you clarify how you can fulfil your unmet needs
  • Then identify your unmet needs
  • Then connect with and feel the feelings you experience from both your met and unmet needs.
  • Through ritual in your spiritual practices, celebrate the needs you satisfy and enjoy the feelings that arise
  • Now celebrate the mourning of the unmet needs and the feelings that arise from the loss. This is a key element in your healing, and getting all your needs met. Celebrating the mournings and losses opens you to embracing and accepting your reality, and then you can make a conscious intention and commitment to change by actively including your unmet needs in your everyday life.
  • Of the needs you have identified as met needs, one could choose to explore how to create an even fuller expression and celebration of those met needs happening in your life. Now that would be wonderful!
With the unmet needs, the process can be more challenging. Firstly clearly identifying which needs are not being met in your life and then coming up with strategies that will gift you with the treasures and pleasures you seek for yourself. Receiving and gifting your self comes from an abundant and expansive thinking. Remember, the banquet table of life is always laid to empower you to honour and meet your fundamental human needs. Your task is to walk the path of beauty and with all your senses, intuition, creativity and curiosity, find the path that speaks to you. The path and way that meets your needs and is aligned with your spirit.
Dreaming your potential, uncovering the mystery of who you are is another way to more fully self-realise, and reclaim your essential self. Exploring the unexpressed parts of oneself can be exciting and scary. As Rumi would say, don’t miss a moment, make it happen right now. I send you love and encouragement to manifest all your needs. This is your birthright.
I welcome your commentary, thoughts, ideas, musings, and feelings. Send me an email and say hello. That would be lovely.