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Sacred Union

Inner Work 10 minute read
Sacred Union is the coming together of two archetypal energies inside ourselves, The Divine Feminine archetype and the Divine Masculine archetype are expressions of our inner marriage and connect us to our essence. When we embark on our heroic journey, and embrace the diversity of these two all-encompassing archetypes, we illuminate and birth our reason for being. Sacred Union is a gift from the Great Spirit to create beauty, pleasure and enjoyment in our everyday lives. This article explores the magnitude of human archetypes, qualities of being, and behavioral traits to help you discover your inner sacred union and co-created sacred union for your daily lives. This adventure is up to you! Don’t miss a moment, make your life a work of art, take action, heal, experience intentionally and with feeling, and step into your unknown. It will be uncomfortable and comfortable, both are needed to become fully alive.

Can you make your life a sacred experience? This is the challenge we all face to be fully alive, to live passionately, with intention, our heartbeats aligned with the natural rhythms of our beautiful planet. The two primary archetypes in every woman and man that co-create, play together, and make love; are the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Together these energies engage in a dance of intimacy, manifesting a Sacred Union, a sacred marriage of wholeness and oneness. There is repetition in this article because practice and repetition are the building blocks for a celebratory, self-realised, well-lived life.

The first step on our journey to discover sacred union is a quest for inner sacred union. How can we discover and manifest this inner way of being, a sacred marriage, a sacred union of all the aspects of being human? Experiencing and embodying sacred union is a journey about waking up, fully waking up to what you came here to be and to do. It is about waking up to love, loving yourself and others. Discovering your divinity arises when you are being and expressing your highest and best self. Being all of who you are meant to be.

Accomplishing a state of Sacred Union is an inside job. What do I mean by that? You embrace and embody Sacred Union at a profound

personal level through a commitment to your personal evolution, growth, health and wellness. I wish you well on your quest, a devotional journey of self-love and loving others.

So what are the key ingredients, the veins of gold to Manifest Sacred Union within Oneself?

The Sacred Union journey is a sustained commitment to mature a broad range of feminine and masculine archetypes, qualities of being and behavioural traits within ourselves. Sacred union is a self-initiated rainbow tantric vibration to awaken your primal energies, a self-activated process, an exploratory lifetime adventure to know more about yourself. You are curious about everything, especially what you don’t know. You step into your unknown world, set aside fear, and are repeatedly birthed on the wings of love. You are challenged and you learn from those experiences. You have reverence and respect for everything and everyone ~ especially self-respect. As your self-respect grows, your fears disappear as most fear is imaginary. You are truthful and honest with yourself through transparency, expression and generously divulging all aspects of yourself. You surrender, trust, and practice feeling gratitude, expressing gratefulness and thankfulness. You make time for healing yourself so you can authentically be yourself. You spend abundant time in nature. You pursue diverse life experiences to bring you understanding and wisdom. You learn to balance serving yourself, serving people, and serving nature in all its manifestations. You look inwardly with kindness to create a state of loving presence. Once you have raised your vibration through kindness, love, and empathy, then compassion comes to visit and be one of your closest allies.

When you are present in this moment, you have stepped out of the illusion and into your life

How can you manifest a Sacred Union between yourself and others?

A sacred relationship with another person is a relationship in which we are inspired to see the divine in them and to experience oneness through the union of two.

Once sacred union has begun to blossom and flourish within you a beautiful opportunity arises to share sacred union with another. When creation energies are shared with a lover, partner, or playmate; sexual, erotic, productive and playful energies are aroused in each other. Sharing your sacredness with another is a co-creative experience, relating to a co-creative playground. These energies emanate from one’s core and radiate outwards in every direction. These are your celebratory love energies, your love juices wanting to be shared. When you are open, receptive, and vulnerable to another person’s love, their rainbow tantric energies penetrate your being and amplify the vibration of love you are feeling. When these two love energies come together, you experience a tantric sacred union ~ a state of bliss. Wow!!!!!!

Between The Lover and the Beloved: When you move beyond consciousness you caress the beloved. When you move into the unknown, beyond everything the beloved caresses you.


How can love be sacred?

Unconditional love is what makes a relationship sacred and sustaining. To love solely because your heart is happy to share your loving feelings. Unconditional love is a commitment to oneself, to be able to see one’s gifts and imperfections. With a beloved, it is a commitment to giving each other the benefit of the doubt and believing that both parties are doing their best to live up to the relationship commitment.

The nature of sacred union is vibrations of diversity, Similar to the millions of life forms that inhabit planet Earth, sacred union results when diverse vibrations come together. These energies activate and complement each other. The excitation is transcendent and leads to states of peacefulness, harmony, and deep relaxation, an acceptance of life.

Sharing your love is genderless

How can you use Ritual to foster Sacred Union?

A ritual is an example of the sacred. Rituals can be done alone, interpersonally or collectively. A ritual expresses a reverence and an honouring of life, an appreciation and gratefulness for people. Ritual is both an action and a way of being that inspires awe.

Sacredness manifests when you are Present. Sacredness is a natural outcome when you are reverent to yourself, toward people and all aspects of life, animate and inanimate. Sacredness recognises the preciousness of my life in all its manifestations. It is important to recognise where you are putting your focus and energy. With busy lives and from being inundated with innumerable pressures, stresses, and traumas, our behavioural default can easily become disassociated. Therefore to make your life a sacred experience requires that you are present, in the moment, wakeful. Stand tall, breathe deeply, plant your feet on the ground, centre yourself, maintain an inner smile and look outwardly with heart-eyes.

In this article, I return over and over again to remind you of your divinity, and your beauty and encourage you to have a Sacred Relationship with Yourself.

Our body is sacrosanct. I cannot stress enough the importance of self-realising your inherent sacredness. Our bodies are sacred vessels, temples, to be cared for and used for good purposes. Take good care of yourself, heal, and express love in each and every moment. We are an integral part of the interconnected systems that sustain life and are life itself. We come to understand that nothing can live without this inter-relatedness. We need each other. Our survival with and on planet Earth depends on us embracing each other and the totality of life. So prepare yourself in order to enjoy a sacred relationship with another. The embodiment of personal intimacy and sacred union within prepares you for embracing a beloved, a Sacred Union Relationship with a lover, family, and friends.

Do whatever it takes to make your life Sacred.

Be on your Heart Journey.

To honour the sacred is to create nourishment, sustenance, habitat for all forms of life to blossom and flourish. When we honour the sacred in everything and everyone, our vibrational state is uplifted. Life becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling, meaningful and celebratory.

To honour the sacred is to make love, to yourself and life in general.

Sacred Relationship with Nature

Sacred Relationships can happen with nature, the forest, your garden, animals, and life in general. Nature moves toward harmony all the time. The forces of nature continuously and autonomically come into balance and homeostasis. When we spend time in nature, on the land, by and in the water, deeply breathing the fresh air, in gratitude, reverence and appreciation for the trees and vegetation there are two energetic relational experiences that happen to us when we surrender, relax, receive, are present, become stiller and more quiet. Firstly, just being in nature is healing. The energy of nature brings us back into balance, restoring our innate propensity for wellness. Secondly, nature is in a state of tantric vibration, and so when we are in nature by diffusion we are inspired to be our highest and best selves.

Sacred relationship with Our Earth and Great Spirit

Our earth is a living, conscious being. Once we identify with the earth and don’t see ourselves as separate, then caring for the Earth and caring for ourselves go hand in hand. Our wellness directly correlates with the wellness of planet Earth. Only ecological balance can sustain life on Planet Earth. This begins with sustaining a state of inner ecological well-being. In having a sacred relationship within ourselves and with life in general, the spirit can then flourish in its full ecological diversity.

It is up to each one of us to move beyond the paradigm of primarily valuing the economic and material world. A successful socio-economic society treats all people, all living things, and our earth, as sacred. We are the earth under our feet. The oceans, lakes, and rivers provide the water we drink and are synonymous with our blood and all our flowing body systems that nourish, cleanse, and heal. The trees and vegetation inhale what we breathe out and we inhale the life force of mother and father nature. A reciprocal and mutual love affair. A sacred love union to be cherished, respected, and cared for.

We are an integral part of the garden of life.

Embodying the nature of sacred union comes from harmonising the vibrations of diversity. Similar to the millions of life forms that inhabit planet Earth, sacred union results when diverse vibrations come together. These energies activate and complement each other. The excitation is transcendent and leads to states of peacefulness, harmony, ecstasy, and deep relaxation. An acceptance of life. An acceptance of oneself.

The hand of sacredness clasps the hand of freedom.

A few thoughts on how to make life sacred

1. A gratitude contemplation

2. Intentional Meditations

3. Time in nature

4. The engagement of co-creative endeavours

5. Being with children because they know how to live in the moment. Playing with children is imaginative, fun, and freeing

6. Garden lots, grow your own food, enjoy harvesting, and take time for meal preparation and for eating.

7. Greet the day with a ritual. End the day with appreciation. Enter dream time with an open heart that invites wisdom and insight from

your angels and infuse you with an empathetic understanding to guide you

8. Simplify your life and your home, which declutters your mind.

9. Initiate acts of kindness at any time in your day

10. Take time to serve others, the commons, to contribute to the

wholeness and wellness of everything and everyone

11. Help people in need

12. Spend time in stillness and silence

13. Cultivate and listen to your feeling body so you can make wise

choices that are aligned with nature and the common good

14. Wake early to have time to meditate, breathe, listen to the birds sing

love songs, experience the wonder of daylight

15. Express your love, receive love, be LOVE

Embracing and celebrating sacred union in your life is a paradigm shift that is essential for our very survival as a species on this planet.

Can you make your life a sacred experience? Be curious, see the unseen, love expansively, move beyond the ‘I’, and see the sanctity and sacredness in the ‘we’. The coming together that creates the one ~ for there is nothing else. Our inherent tribal nature is waiting to be explored and expressed.

What is a sacred partnership?

Sacred partnership happens when two individuals— who feel whole within themselves — unite. Each partner values themselves as individuals loves and adores each other, and cherishes their relationship. There is an acceptance and embracement of the beloved as they are ~ just as they are. What you share is your desire to grow, evolve, change, co-create, and be fully yourself inside and outside the relationship. An inspirational iterative partnership that tantrically circulates energy. Reflection upon reflection, for we primarily see ourselves when we collaborate, cooperate, and look into the eyes of another.

Sacred Relationship and Sacred Union are an inside job.

Sacred Union invites the questions, what is the higher purpose of our meeting and our union ~ our journey of joining Together? How can we build a tantric life together? I believe sacred partnerships happen when 2 souls come together to help spark and bring out the divine in each other, meeting one another from their highest & best selves. It takes two to tango and each person needs to participate and contribute to the sacred partnership. This requires nurturing and nourishing the three divinities; the self, the beloved, and the relationship itself as an energetic entity. Giving attention to all three creates balance and harmony. The sacred partnership is a commitment to actively engage a partner with loving kindness and a loving presence that fosters a sacred partnership.

Of course, no relationship is ‘perfect’, and because we’re human there will be moments of stress and tension. In those moments it is important to meet each other with compassion, love, and understanding. We are in a relationship to make each other’s life more beautiful. Sacred partnerships require courage and acceptance. Are you allowing space for your partner to be themselves and holding space for them when they feel most vulnerable?

Sacred union with another person is timeless, reverential, and calls for respect that is mutually shared; a deep appreciation for the presence of another in your life. Feelings of gratitude that are lovingly expressed and received. An acceptance of another person just as they are. A desire to serve them in every imaginable way and form without any sense of loss to oneself. Serving becomes a way of nourishing your roots, entwined with those of another, the way tree roots in the forest, take care of one another.

A Sacred Union between people is the joining of two whole unique beings as one without a loss of their awesome uniqueness. When two people share time, attention and touch with one another focused on Sacred Union, their joint energies are expansive and create unlimited possibilities to experience joy and pleasure.

Sacred partnerships are co-creative endeavours between people. Movements toward union ~ a united life, a coming together that fosters wholeness and oneness. A yearning to have divine experiences of sharing with a beloved, belonging to a family, and living in a community.

“When the Sacred Feminine is combined with the Sacred Masculine inside each of us, we create the ‘sacred marriage’ of compassion and passion in ourselves.”

Matthew Fox

What inspires Sacred Relationships leading to Sacred Sexuality with a Beloved?

Sacred sexuality happens when two people look into each other’s eyes and see the divine. Two energetic tantric vibrations that come together to play, enjoy, celebrate, co-create, honour, and experience orgasmic pleasure ~ oneness. Sacred sexuality germinates the seeds of life and existence. Tender, heartfelt, sacred sexuality generates happiness. Warm loving feelings flow between our genitals, hearts, and minds, and peaceful and harmonic energies are shared with the world around us.

You don’t need to go to school or have a PhD to experience sacred sexuality! Sacred sexuality is a universal gift, available to all. You do need to be in a vibrational alignment with yourself, with other people and with all of existence. A co-creative engagement that can create form and be formless. The depth of connection between two people is the key to sacred sexuality.

Sacred Sexual Union between people is the joining of two whole unique beings as one without a loss of their awesome uniqueness. When two people share time, attention and touch with one another focused on Sacred Union, their joint energies are expansive and create unlimited possibilities to experience joy and pleasure, sensuality, eroticism and tantric sexuality.

Serving humanity as a pathway to Sacred Union

Embodying and integrating Sacred Union into your daily life requires you to live in alignment with why you incarnated and what you came here to do! What is your meaningful contribution? Questing for answers to this question leads to a sacred life.

Sacred Union is a 100% agreement with oneself to show up fully for oneself. What does this mean? It means that each person has incarnated to contribute and serve the greater good, for the evolution of life. Recognising what those purposes are, and making them a part of your daily life, is the mandate for a well-lived life. This alignment with oneself is a sacred union. To be on your path is such a wonderful feeling ~ a state of bliss.

Some of you might be crystal clear as to why you are here and what you are meant to do and be. For others, clearly knowing what your purposes are, and how you are meaningfully connected to everyday living is an ongoing discovery process. Be on your path of self-discovery ~ take sacred steps beginning right now!

Creating sacred unions within and amongst people builds community. This happens when we explore and play with creating unions between polarities within ourselves, between us and in the surrounding World.

Sacred union is an embracement of all aspects of life; from family to community to tribe, a devotional path. Honour yourself by finding your right livelihood, the one that aligns you with your soul purposes. Listen and trust your intuition and deep urges to guide you on your career path. Follow your bliss, be open to changing things up and step into doing what you are meant to do! Make your work an evolutionary leap that brings you happiness, a welcomed and meaningful service to others.

Selfless service is a pathway to Sacred Union.

Embodying Sacred Union

These are my musings, feelings, thoughts, and ideas on Sacred Union. The reflections and insights in this article are intended to arouse curiosity in you, the reader, and to stimulate your wondering mind and body. This article is meant to inspire your own unique viewpoint and foster loving tantric experiences.

Our universe is a creation of diversity, sometimes manifesting in physical form, often available to our senses, many times unseen ~ beyond the veils of everyday consciousness. Celebrating and embracing diversity helps to cultivate sacred union in our life garden.

When we embrace everything inside ourselves then we can embrace everything that is outside ourselves. They are one and the same

There is a natural sequence and flow from inner to outer. Having realised the wonder, the awe of life, what we experience and harvest from nature to fresh air, the sun shining and hearts beating, we celebrate the magnificence everywhere we look, including ourselves. Nature is a miracle, human beings are miracles, and when we spend intimate time in nature we awaken our senses and gift ourselves with experiencing our sacred nature. Sacred union happens when we embrace our sacred nature. In turn, this awakens our spirit and desire for living.

Our earth is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We are a holographic reflection of all that is around us. All aspects of existence are sacred. The earth is a never-ending circle of life, a tapestry of diversity. At the centre is the beginning, you and me, and we are blessed to be here. Created from seeds of Love. In time we will return to the place we came from.

"Only the oneness of love and the lover is eternal. You would be wise to surrender your heart into this union for all else in this world is momentary"