The Playful and Spontaneous Man

Themes for Course #3
Cultivating your Inner and Outer Smile
Being your Authentic Self
Making life fun, enjoyable, pleasurable

Archetypal Themes
The Authentic Man
The Risk Taker. The Man that steps into the Unknown
The Explorer & Gate Opener

Fundamental Human Needs to be Met in this Course:
Self Respect, Self-Empathy & Self-Acceptance
Interdependent Needs, Immediate Family ~ Connection

Feelings: Each course introduces participants to a broad range of feelings to help the Men become more aware of their feelings and to support them develop a full feeling vocabulary. These feelings express a person’s met and unmet Needs. For Men to be in touch with themselves, sensitive and respectful to others, responsive to their essential human needs, it is vital that they know what they are feeling. This course helps them to recognize their feelings, deeply feel their feelings, and to openly and courageously express how they are feeling to others in kind ways.

The Qualities, Traits, Attributes and Behaviors we will explore in this course to discover our Manhood
The Golden Keys for developing your Masculinity

Playfulness I am joyful and have fun. I behave with maturated Innocence. Life can be a playground. I laugh and allow my inner child to be expressive. I play in the sandbox of life.
Gate Opener: I am the one who leads. I wait patiently at my temple gates. I step courageously into the known and unknown. I am the servant leader.
Curiosity I am a curious person. I learn about myself , other people, and about life from being curious and asking lots of questions.
Observer What I observe is my reflection. The observed is the observer. I take personal responsibility for my feelings, thoughts and actions. I see with discernment and heart-eyes. WE are one.
Naturalist I take care of the forest, land, and waterways. The environment is my blood and bones. I nurture and nourish the world around me. I spend time in nature.
Generosity I enjoy sharing. I generously share who I am and what I have. I don’t see myself as separate. I am like a tree in the forest. I am connected to everyone and everything.

Key Questions:
* Am I congruent with my Feelings, Thoughts, Actions & Behaviors?
* Am I willing, ready and able to step into the unknown?
* What needs to happen for me to become more curious and explore?
Myself, other people, and life in general!
* Could I be more playful, and have more fun?

Walking the Path of the Mature Man ~ New Directions ~ Taking Action:
Being Yourself
Laughter & Playfulness
Next sacred steps
Seeing with heart-eyes
Caring for nature & the environment

Rite of Passage Celebration:
Initiation into the Playful and Spontaneous Man