The Autonomous Self-Care Man

Theme for Course #4
Sacred Self
Sacred Practices
Embracing Tantra in your Life

Archetypal Themes
The Autonomous Man
The Curious Man
The Tantric Man

Fundamental Human Needs to be Met in this Course:
Self Care To self nurture, self nourish and to love oneself
Autonomy The right to decide and choose one’s path in life
Creativity with Oneself

Feelings: Each course introduces participants to a broad range of feelings to help the Men become more aware of their feelings and to support them develop a full feeling vocabulary. These feelings express a person’s met and unmet Needs. For Men to be in touch with themselves, sensitive and respectful to others, responsive to their essential human needs, it is vital that they know what they are feeling. This course helps them to recognise their feelings, deeply feel their feelings, and to openly and courageously express how they are feeling to others in kind ways.

The Qualities, Traits, Attributes and Behaviors we will explore in this course to discover our Manhood

The Golden Keys for developing your Masculinity

Self-Care The first step on my journey is always self-care.There is more to life
than Work.
Autonomy I choose where I go and what I do. I enjoy my autonomy. My inner wisdom guides my footsteps and play-steps. I see my life as an unfolding kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities. I fly like a bird.
Values My values are life-enhancing. My values create, generate, and co-create wholeness. I spend time recognising and embracing the values that are important to me.
Energiser I am a motivational leader. I lead by example. I take self-responsibility for everything I say, do, my feelings and behaviors.
Practitioner I learn from my daily practices. I make self-development a daily priority. I develop an embodied spiritual Practice.

Key Questions:
* Do I have time for the important things in my life?
* Am I taking good care of myself?
* How can I develop my daily spiritual practice?
* What values are important to you?

Walking the Path of the Mature Man ~ New Directions ~ Taking Action:
Nurturing and nourishing yourself
A daily spiritual practice
Self sustaining & self reliance ~ To be alone and take good care of

Rite of Passage Celebration:
Initiation into the Autonomous Self-Care Man