Man as Healer

Themes for Course #5
Attending to and Healing your Shadow
Discovering your Healing Heart
Giving & Receiving

Archetypal Themes
The Transformative Man
The Healer (Oneself and other people)
The Caring Man ~ The care-giver & receiver

Fundamental Human Needs to be Met in this Course:
Healing (Nurturing your Emotions, Body, Spirit & Mind)
Co-Creativity ~ an Interdependent need to heal ~ People & Nature

Feelings: Each course introduces participants to a broad range of feelings to help the Men become more aware of their feelings and to support them develop a full feeling vocabulary. These feelings express a person’s met and unmet Needs. For Men to be in touch with themselves, sensitive and respectful to others, responsive to their essential human needs, it is vital that they know what they are feeling. This course helps them to recognise their feelings, deeply feel their feelings, and to openly and courageously express how they are feeling to others in kind ways.

The Qualities, Traits, Attributes and Behaviors we will explore in this course to discover our Manhood

The Golden Keys for developing your Masculinity

Masculine Healer Masculine behavior (primarily by Men) has created wounds and left scars, both internally and externally that need to be healed. I am committed to healing myself. When I participate in healing the traumas and wounds that inhabit my being and those around me, then my divine feminine and divine masculine can co-exist and co-create in union, communion, and celebrate together their wholeness.
Brotherhood I learn from my Brothers. I appreciate and value other Men.
Diversity I welcome and include everyone. We need each other. I harvest the gifts and treasures of other people. Together we make a difference.
Sexuality I am assertive and receptive.
Chooser I choose wisely. passionately and with conviction. My decisions are well informed and intuitive. My choices resonate and are congruent with who I am. I choose my family, friends, and lovers. In my humbleness, I desire to be chosen.
The Transformer I am alchemical, I transform dirt into gold, fear into Love

"when you share your deepest gifts with bravery, generosity and discrimination Love is what
happens" from Ken Page “Deeper Dating”

Key Questions:
* What are you doing to heal your past?
* What am I doing to heal my body?
* How well do you get along with other people? Cooperation and
* How can you retain your autonomy and co-create with other people?
* How much time do you spend with other Men?
* How do I feel in the company of other Men?

Walking the Path of the Mature Man ~ New Directions ~ Taking Action:
Making Change your best friend
Field dependent, field independent. Differentiating
Feeling wholesome and healthy
Caregiver & care receiver
The healer and healed man

Rite of Passage Celebration:
Initiation into the Man as Healer
Healing the Shadow
Holding and being held