Man on Purpose

Themes for Course #7
Intention & Commitment
Right Livelihood (Follow your Bliss)

Archetypal Themes
Man on Purpose
The Creator ~ Man as Builder

Fundamental Human Needs to be Met in this Course:
Purposes We go deeper and revisit this need..The mother need for
meaningful contribution. For self, other people, animals,
nature and all life forms.

Feelings: Each course introduces participants to a broad range of feelings to help the Men become more aware of their feelings and to support them develop a full feeling vocabulary. These feelings express a person’s met and unmet Needs. For Men to be in touch with themselves, sensitive and respectful to others, responsive to their essential human needs, it is vital that they know what they are feeling. This course helps them to recognise their feelings, deeply feel their feelings, and to openly and courageously express how they are feeling to others in kind ways.

The Qualities, Traits, Attributes and Behaviors we will explore in this course to discover our Manhood
The Golden Keys for developing your Masculinity

The purpose I identify why I incarnated and what, where, when, how, and why are my raison d'être (reason to be). I identify and clarify my purposes so my divine masculine can step forward. My empowered masculine can celebrate life and experience bliss.
The Builder: I create a home and a nest. I am inventive and give birth to new ideas. My imagination is pregnant with possibilities. My actions and innovative thinking serves the greater good. I create products, processes, and playgrounds for work and recreation, for play and artistic expression.
Resilience I walk my path. With clear intention and purpose, strength, and determination. Every day I passionately sustain my journey.
Decision-Maker I make wise choices. I take my time when making important decisions. I am discerning and thoughtful in everything I do.

Key Questions:
* What work do you love to do?
* How can I be more courageous and manifest my Dreams?
* What do I want to build and manifest in my life?
* Who are the Men you want to journey with in your life?
* What is the new socio-economic business culture we are moving into

Walking the Path of the Mature Man ~ New Directions ~ Taking Action:
Empowered Purposes
Choices & Decisions
Right Livelihood
Creating a new culture and a new business model
A new paradigm for living
Sacred relationship
Follow your Bliss

Rite of Passage Celebration:
Initiation into the Man on Purpose