The Father and Space-Holder

Theme for Course #8
Majestic Masculinity

Archetypal Themes
The Father ~ The Family Guardian Man ~ Family Space-Holder,
The Parent and Step Father
The Space Holder ~ Stands tall, is proud of who he is,
walks in his masculine boots
The Leader
The Generous Man ~ The Man of Abundance

Fundamental Human Needs to be Met in this Course:
Interdependent Needs, Community and Tribal Engagement
living and working with other people

Feelings: Each course introduces participants to a broad range of feelings to help the Men become more aware of their feelings and to support them develop a full feeling vocabulary. These feelings express a person’s met and unmet Needs. For Men to be in touch with themselves, sensitive and respectful to others, responsive to their essential human needs, it is vital that they know what they are feeling. This course helps them to recognise their feelings, deeply feel their feelings, and to openly and courageously express how they are feeling to others in kind ways.

The Qualities, Traits, Attributes and Behaviors we will explore in this course to discover our Manhood

The Golden Keys for developing your Masculinity

Fatherhood I take care of all children. I am the guardian of life’s garden. I spend time, attention and touch with the children that are in my life. All children are my children.
The Provider I put logs on the Fire. The warmth of my heart radiates in every direction. I learn to repair and fix what is broken. I return things to wholeness.
The Nestor I create a home for family and relationships. Both my family of origin and my family of choice.
Space-Holder I create sacred space. I include everyone.
The Guardian I am a caretaker and care-giver. I am in service to those that need encouragement and support. I takes care of the children, the elderly, and those that are unable to take care of themselves.
Supporter I am here to help you. I encourage, appreciate, and help wherever I can. I am a team player.

Key Questions:
* How well do I lead myself?
* How well do I lead others?
* What kind of relationship do I have with children?
* How do I feel about my family?
* How do I create a home for myself and for others?

Walking the Path of the Mature Man ~ New Directions ~ Taking Action:
Creating Family and Family of Choice
Fostering Healthy Relationships
Serving Self and Others
Guardian angel
Building a home, inside oneself and out

Rite of Passage Celebration:
Initiation into the Father and Space-Holder