The MenKind Workshop Series
A comprehensive 11-level series of Men's offline courses to create real changes in Men’s consciousness and behaviors

Upcoming event: Growing into Manhood -
We come together as Men and move forward as Brothers.
Adila Camp, Pihali, Raplamaa County, Estonia.
Price includes comfortable accommodation.
Offline event
Price includes healthy and tasty food for the whole course period.
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€ 245
Food & drinks
Price: €245
2 nights; 3 days
Friday, JAN 26 at 5 PM - Sunday JAN 28 at 10 PM 2024

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Meet the hosts
  • Ronski Kosky
    Host (Great Britain)
    A visionary teacher who has led men's groups internationally and workshops worldwide for over 50 years. He is knowledgeable in the fields of human relations, health and well-being, education, leadership, Tantra, sexuality, family, and community building. He inspires, motivates, and is a leader for many around the world.
    Ronski A. Kosky MA. Leadership, B.Sc., Cert. Ed., Dip. P.E. Ronski
  • Marek koit
    Facilitator (Estonia)
    A successful entrepreneur who offers new approaches in the world of business. He integrates personal growth and inner development into his business model. He has set up companies himself and joined existing teams. A certified engineer who effectively deals with people and leads teams today.
Matthew Fox
When the Sacred Masculine is combined with the sacred feminine inside each of us, we create the ‘sacred marriage’ of compassion and passion in ourselves.

The MenKind courses provide the foundational pillars to help you express your Masculinity, build your Masculine Temple, and learn from your fellow Men.

I have created a comprehensive 11-level series of Men's Courses to support real changes in Men’s consciousness and behaviors. These courses are the first of their kind anywhere in the World. I have harvested teachings of famous men who have written about Masculinity in the last century, plus leaders of men’s movements this century and over the past 50 years developed some NEW concepts and Understandings of what it is to be a Mature Man.

This course will raise your awareness, wake you up, and create abundance in your life and for all of humanity. It is an investment in the most important person ~ YOURSELF at your deepest level.
The structure that is offered by the MenKind Movement is a paradox between the known and the unknown. During each course, we will learn from the other Men participants and from the facilitators. Each course will be a learning experience ~ the MenKind Movement is evolving and growing ~ a self-discovery journey illuminated by your fellow Brothers.

WE come together because we needed each other. We came together to grow into our Manhood, to feel our connection as Brothers. To support us to become empowered Men and to inspire us to be on our Manhood journey as Brothers.
We come together to create something extraordinary, individually as Men, and collectively as Brothers. The New World Man is intentional and focused. Individually you will learn the foundational pillars to help you express your Masculinity. Collectively we are co-creating a new Culture. A culture that honors individual freedoms, family, community, and diversity, is intercultural and intergenerational.

We celebrate LIFE - dance, play, eat and We journey together.
TOP 12 benefits from the events

Tap into your masculinity

Get to the core of your masculine nature and never lose it
Build Brotherhood
You will develop a mature masculine power that will be passed on to future generations and will last Forever
Establish Self-Evaluation and Self-Accountability
Raising your self-love you will raise your quality of life
Embody Self- Awareness
You will Awaken the playful, spontaneous, and the intentional Man in you
Build healthier relationships
You will be able to enjoy your relationships in more meaningful ways
Become better at Fathering, Parenting, Step-Parenting and be an effective Family Man
You will be able to naturally create a wholesome family life
Heal the wounds of the past, resolve trauma
You will heal your shadow and your heart
Unlock your male energy
You will allow your instinctual animal and intuition Man to come alive
Connect with your fathers, grandfathers, and ancestors
People in our family offer us many gifts.
You'll experience more connection and support wherever you go
Experience digital-free course
You will become a Man of purpose setting clear intentions, making commitments that align with your mission
Develop daily practices that are life-changing
You will learn the wisdom of repetition that majority of men is lacking these days. This benefit alone will upgrade your life for good
Celebrate your Manhood
The maturated Man experiences mastery, an inner an outer sacred union. You will celebrate you!
Become a man with vision, wisdom, and the ability to understand
and embody the magical in Life
Growing Into Manhood - A New Beginning: program | Januray 2024
The MenKind Movement
(11-level series of Men's offline courses )
Friday, JAN 26 at 5 PM - Sunday JAN 28 at 7 PM 2024
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